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Price List - Network and Software Service

Price List Network Services

• Price For Driving  10,00 € 
Applies to the radius of 5 KM, each additional kilometer will be charged at € 1.00. If a unit has to be taken to repair or the like, then it is only once calculated a route. 
 Set Up An Email Address 14,00 € 
Setting up an email address for example, T-Online, GMX, Hotmail, web.de including functional test.
 Email Client Setup 16,00 € 
Setting up an email client, for example, Outlook, Outlook Express, including functional testing.
• VoIP Account Setup 16,00 € 
Setting up your VoIP accounts in your router, computer, smartphone or phone. Including functional test.
 ADSL / VDSL Set Up 49,00 € 
Setting up your ADSL or VDSL connection from your network provider .. Including all the furniture of the supplied router. Configure the wireless settings and setting up their phone extensions. Including functional test.
 TK / ISDN Set Up 39,00 € 
Setting up your telephone or ISDN system. Populate your phone numbers. Programming of extensions and other settings. Including functional test.
 WLAN Configuration 39,00 € 
Setting up your wireless router. Configure the settings. For example: link encryption, SSID and definition of an optimal frequency band for the contained environment. Including functional test
• Repeater Setup  49,00 € 
Setup WLAN and Powerlink repeaters. Following the default router. Optimal means the frequency band of the device to its surroundings. Configuration of all Einstgellungen as e.g .: encryption, SSID etc. function test included.
 Network Troubleshooting  49,00 € 
Failure analysis and troubleshooting of internet and intranet disorders. Error Analysis of wired and wireless networks. Cable break monitoring etc., identify dead spots in the connection etc .. check and correction of network settings. Placing or setting up network servers, release or block ports.
  Embed Devices (Network) 24,00 €
Mount devices, such as printers, scanners, etc. into the network via LAN, WLAN or USB. Integrating the devices in the network, including driver installation and updates. Function test included.

Price List Software Service

• Bios Update 26,00 € 
Bios update your PC including optimization of settings and functional test. For Bios update is not guaranteed and there is no liability for damages.
 Bios Optimization 14,00 € 
Optimizing the Bios settings on your PC, including functional testing.
• System Installation 59,00 € 
Installation of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc. Installation including all drivers and updates, and lockup of personal data. Including functional test.
 Application Software 39,00 € 
Software installation of expensive software packages such as e.g .: Microsoft Office, image editing software. Complete installation including all updates. Function test included.
• Software Installation 19,00 €  
Installation general software or apps which are not as time-consuming or complex. Installation including all updates. Function test included.
• Data Transmission 29,00 €  
Dubbing data from your PC to, for example, Notebook, PC, hard drive, including functional testing. Calculation according to expenditure.
 Defragmentation 14,00 € 
 Defragmenting the data structure on your PC.
• Virus Removal 39,00 € 
If errors occur that are not attributable to a Koomponente, a review of the system can provide information on the source of error. Often fours and other malware are responsible for a malfunction of the system.
Here the price is calculated according to expenditure.
 Backup to DVD or BluRay 16,00 € 
Backup data from your PC to a CD, DVD or BlueRay. Additional costs per started GB data volume: 0,50 €. Plus cost of media. Including functional test and medium.
For data backup is not guaranteed and there is no liability for loss of data.
• Backup to HD or SSD 14,00 €  
Backup data from your PC hard disks. Additional costs per started GB data volume: 0,50 €. Plus cost of media. Including functional test and medium.
For data backup is not guaranteed and there is no liability for loss of data.
 • Data Recovery 35,00 €  
Your data are no longer available from irgeneinen reason. They fear losing data or your hard disk is defective. We provide your data from media such as SD cards, USB sticks, etc. HDs largely restores.
Here also calculated according to expenditure.
!! => All prices listed here are base prices and may vary depending on the situation and use.