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Compi Doc Services

Our Public Service

- Diagnostics
- Subdivision Computer repair
- Solution of Software & System errors
- Internet and intranet Troubleshooting
- Software and hardware installation
- Buying guides & spare parts - OS installations

- General Advice
- Online Troubleshooting
- Virus removal
- Maintenance of Windows


Packages Network and IT Services

- General Advice
- Location and operator analysis (Internet)
- Internet and intranet Troubleshooting
- Email device
- Voice over IP Installation & Setup
- ADSL and Internet installation 

- WLAN installation
- Wireless Router Installation
- TK & ISDN installation
- VoIP Dialer Set up and installation


Standard services for the World Wide Web

- General Advice
- Web Hosting
- Web Maintenance & Updates
- Server means
- Establishment and allocation of nameservers
- Populate scripts and components

- Installation of platforms (E. G. WordPress)
- Gnerieren and submit to search engines
- Search Engine Care
- Google Adsense / Adwords maintenance
- Image and components processing
- Website Treatment & Troubleshooting

Individual and dynamic websites Programming

We program all invividuell your website, tailored to your needs. We sit down with you and work with you an exact concept how to implement your ideas best.

Here we are at every step with words and deeds.