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Compi Doc Startseite - Bild von Reparatur TasteWe offer private and business customers a complete service and support around computers (Windows, Linux, Mac), network, Internet and telecommunications.

The service spectrum ranges from PC hardware repair (all manufacturers) to professional virus removal. Internet and network installations via Open Source Linux Server Implementations. 

We also specialize in the programming and design of Internet sites, and you can program your individual dynamic web pages (php, java, flash etc.). We also gladly undertake maintenance and reworking orders as well as the permanent web maintenance of your Internet sites. 

For your computer, network and IT solutions

Grafik von Weltkugel, mir Arbeitern, welche ein Netzwerkkabel tragenWe can advise you competently and provide you with performance-efficient solutions. We would be pleased to perform complete cabling assignments on-site or build up your entire personal Intranet.
Through our network installation, network support and maintenance as well as maintenance, you have the possibility to concentrate completely on your core business. We will gladly accept these tasks.

That is why we are of the opinion

With our services and products, we would like to help you make your computer a powerful part of your workplace. Whether hardware, software or service - just contact us.